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Apartment Building

Apartment communities

PSI Charlotte is your go-to professional team for yearly, semi-annual, quarterly, or monthly apartment complex maintenance. We work with both small and large property management companies and service from single level up to five story apartment buildings. Regular pressure washing helps to keep your properties free of mold, mildew, dirt, spider webs and other debris that accumulates on siding, trim, and doors, as well as cuts down on odors and stains that are common to valet trash services.



Building Exteriors

Pollen, dirt, mold, algae, and spiderwebs accumulate throughout the year. We have right cleaning products, the right tools and the right touch to make that siding sparkle!  Click 'More Info' to see Before and After photos.



Our most highly rated service by property owners and residents alike! Keep unsightly stains and valet trash smells at bay with scheduled breezeway pressure washing. Click 'More Info' to see Before and After photos.


Sidewalks + Pool Decks

Community recreation zones and sidewalks get a lot of foot traffic. They are also the most visible areas in a community to potential future residents. Let us help you keep them clean! Click 'More Info' to see Before and After photos.


Parking Garages

Nobody likes a nasty parking garage. Spills, stains, and smells can derail your luxury reputation quickly. Keep clients (and yourselves) happy by keeping your garages up to par. Click 'More Info' to see Before and After photos.


Retaining Walls

Rain and mud take their toll on your retaining walls, whether they are concrete, brick, or wood. It's incredible what a pressure wash can do to freshen up these highly visible areas. Click 'More Info' to see Before and After photos.



We do not currently offer gutter cleaning services but they are coming soon!





breezeway cleaning

By Licensed Professionals

Our most highly recommended service is Monthly Breezeway Maintenance. Rather than one or two large cleanings a year, the breezeways on your property are divided by month and cleaned throughout the year. Each breezeway is pressure washed 3-4x per year and communities can retain that “just cleaned” feeling year-round. We are happy to provide highly itemized quotes and help you find a personalized service schedule that works for you and your property needs.

approved vendors

To Meet Your Needs

Pressure Specific Improvements LLC is an approved vendor with RealPage OpsTechnology, Net Vendor, Vendorply, VendorCafe/VendorShield and many others. We are proud to offer 5-star service as a local and independently owned small business.

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